Wednesday, March 17, 2010

World Travel and Tourism Data


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The contribution of Travel & Tourism to Gross Domestic Product is expected to rise from 6% (CUP4,094.6mn or US$4,094.6mn) in 2010 to 6.5% (CUP8,689.5mn or US$8,689.5mn) by 2020.
The contribution of the Travel & Tourism economy to employment is expected to rise from 274,000 jobs in 2010, 5.1% of total employment or 1 in every 19.6 jobs to 308,000 jobs, 5.6% of total employment or 1 in every 17.8 jobs by 2020.
Real GDP growth for Travel & Tourism economy is expected to be 2.0% in 2010 and to average 5.0% per annum over the coming 10 years.
Visitor Exports
Export earnings from international visitors and tourism goods are expected to generate 18.2% of total exports (CUP2,546.1mn or US$2,546.1mn) in 2010, growing (nominal terms) to CUP5,034.4mn or US$5,034.4mn (18.5% of total) in 2020.
Travel & Tourism investment is estimated at CUP997.3mn, US$997.3mn or 16.1% of total investment in 2010. By 2020, this should reach CUP1,811.6mn, US$1,811.6mn or 15.4% of total investment.


The Cuba Travel & Tourism economy is ranked number:
  • 78 in absolute size worldwide
  • 140 in relative contribution to national economies
  • 80 in long-term (10-year) growth
(181 countries are estimated by WTTC / OE)
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